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spinning_truths' Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in spinning_truths' LiveJournal:

Friday, November 5th, 2004
8:16 pm
What in the name of Merlin is going on here?
Insanity. Absolute insanity.

What's insanity, one might ask. Me? well that's a given. The amount of homework we're getting? yes. The state of the school? yes. My friends? yes. My enemies? yes. ok. I think I'm gettting away form the point here. What I'm trying to say is this is craziness.

I thought the love bug was a spring time thing. But here it is, early November, and I'm seeing everything in pairs. Is it just me, with my lack of affection here, or am I right? Does everyone seem coupley lately?

Also, the homework. There's lots of it. These nifty journals have near been forgotten. The only reason I'm here to write, is because I found this at the bottom of my school bag, looking for my herbology book. I figured someone needed to write something, or we all might drift away into some sort of overworked oblivion.

We need something to liven up Hogwarts a bit. Something, anything. Anyone have any ideas?!?!!

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
1:20 pm
To Lissa
Lisa said you might now when Quid practice is...any idea?
11:43 am
New Journal
My older sister, Alicia bought me this journal for my birthday last week.
I know that everybody has one, so I decided to whip it out today and see what it's all about.

Also, any Ravenclaws.. do you know when the first Quid practice is? Cuz i don't.
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